Monday, August 1, 2011

7 Facets - Designing a Band Logo

Designing a band logo is never an easy thing to do. A logo is something akin to a tattoo; something you are going to want to be able to still live with a number of years down the road.

A logo also should say something about the band, the music, or whatever product or service you might be providing. Most times it will reflect the name of the company or the band.

The band is called '7 Facets' - originally the band was going to be called '7 Bridges,' but that is another story for another blog post. Starting with the name, the decision was made to focus on the '7' and the 'F.' One design idea - a really cool one - ended up already being used by another company so that had to be scuttled.

After tossing around various design ideas, and getting quite frustrated in the process, the focus was switched from the physical possibilities of the logo to the 'story' aspect. What story is behind the band, behind the music?

Well one, that we - as humans beings - form one global community and that this is represented more and more in music, in general, by the inclusion of various musical styles and instruments from all over the world.

Two, that music has been stated to be the universal language; a language that can be spoken and shared across many different cultures and lifestyles. Music, as common ground, can be a huge unifying force to bring people of different backgrounds together.

Finally, on a personal note, the act of music composition and performance provides an opportunity to not only display different 'facets' of musical style, personality, and emotions, but also provide moments in which to reflect upon each other and ourselves.

There was a desire to combined all three of those elements into a band logo. The globe - standing for unity - one world - was placed in the center, the two sevens - one reflected - give the impression of two arms encircling the globe in inclusiveness and sharing; and the mirrored '7 F' symbolizes those aspects of different voices and reflection.


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